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Dump Media Spotify Music Converter
Dump Media Spotify Music Converter

In the music streaming world, Spotify has emerged as a trailblazing powerhouse. It offers millions of songs, podcasts, playlists, albums, and much more. But If you’re using its standard version, you’ve likely faced some frustrating limitations, such as you can only skip six songs per hour.

You’re restricted to exploring limited songs and playlists and have to listen to music in a blended mood. And the ads which often appear when you are listening to your songs spoil your enjoyment of music listening.

If you want to take your musical journey to new heights and eliminate all these limitations without paying any subscription fee, then Spotify Premium App is your go-to option. It offers you unlimited skips, unlimited shuffles, and an ads-free interface free of cost.

What is Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Premium Apk Banner

Spotify Premium APK is a modified version of the official Spotify Android app. This Apk lets you enjoy all the premium features, albums, and songs free of cost. It’s like having a global music library on your mobile or tablet!

This Apk allows you to explore new music and create and share your playlist. Stream high-quality songs with this music app. Discover your favorite artist’s album and follow them. You have the option to find countless songs.

Let’s take a deep dive into the magical aspects of this app.

Effortless Song Discovery With Spotify Search

With its search function, you can explore a wide variety of songs, albums, podcasts, audiobooks, and whatever you want without any effort.

You can find music of different genres like Pop, Desi, Punjabi, Comedy, Rock, R&B, Jazz, and more. You only need to put your query in the search tab for any search, and the application will provide you with the most relevant results.

This music streaming platform also shows you the related artists, albums, and songs. Make your search advance using filters like a specific year, popularity, or release date. The music app, with its search function, better understands your preferences. The more you search, the more Spotify understands you.

Smart Search Image

Huge Library

The library helps you organize your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts to access whenever possible. You have the option to save your favorite songs, artists, and albums in your library. To do this, you need to tap on the Heart Icon of the song, and then that song will appear in your library. Access your playlists through the library.

You can further organize your library by creating folders and subfolders; however, this feature is unavailable on mobile.

Spotify Library Image

Enhance Your experience with playlist creation

Playlist is a versatile feature of this app. It is a collection of songs, podcasts, and albums customized in order. It helps you to manage your favorite content. If you like any song or podcast, click the three-dot button at the top right corner and select “add a song to your playlist.”

You can create a playlist and share it with your friends and community and create multiple playlists like workout, cooking, sleep, etc.

You can pin up to 4 of your playlists, albums, or podcasts to the top of the list in your library and let you access the content you are most interested in.

To create a playlist:

  • Navigate to the Library.
  • Click on the Plus icon on the top right corner and select Playlist option.
  • Add title and description.
  • Boom! Your Playlist is created.
Playlist Creation Image

Blend Your Playlist

With this feature’s help, you can invite up to 10 friends and make a combined playlist with them. Members can add their favorite songs, podcasts, tracks, or albums to this collaborative playlist.
To create any blind:

  • Go to your Search Bar.
  • Go to Library, click on the Plus icon and select Blend. Or type Blend in the Search Bar and select Blend Genre.
  • Tap Create a Blend and click on the Invite.
  • Then, Share this Link with your friends through WhatsApp or any other method.

Once your friends accept this invitation, you can see their profiles at the top of that playlist.

Spotify Pro APK Blend Creation Image

Opportunity for New Artists

If you’re an artist and want to show your talent to the world, Spotify Premium Apk is the best platform for you. This platform allows you to connect with the audience through your unique content.

You can create your profile and upload your songs, playlists, or albums through distributors that serve you at their commission. This feature is very helpful in bringing new talent in front of the world. It also allows its users to discover and listen to new talent.


Canvas is a wonderful feature enabling you to upload a short video clip or animation with your album or artwork, which plays when your songs are streamed. This aspect adds a visual element to the listening experience.

Discovering New Frontiers with Radio

Another splendid feature helps a lot when you are unsure what to listen to. The radio is a personalized playlist related to your selected songs or artists. It lets you keep listening to your favorite singer all day.

Radio uses algorithms to find similar music based on your taste and those of other users who like the artist, albums, or artists you’ve chosen. Radio will create a playlist of almost 50 tracks. You can save this playlist in your library.

To create your radio on Android:

  • Select any song, album, artist, or playlist.
  • Click on the three-dot button.
  • Tap on Go to Radio, and congratulations! Your radio station is now ready.
Radio Feature Configuration Image

Follow Your Favorite Artists and Track Live Concerts

Spotify Mod Apk allows you to follow your favorite artists and track live events. This feature helps you to engage at a much deeper level with your favorite artists. You can visit your artist’s profile and check their biography, background history, albums, popular songs, or tracks.

With this function, the platform also notifies you about your followed artist’s live performances, their newly released songs, or upcoming concerts. In addition, the music streaming app also recommends other artist’s live events according to your taste. You can get venue, timing, and ticket information from their profiles.

Improve Your Listening Experience with Equalizer

Equalizer is a unique tool for enhancing your listening experience. It helps you to adjust the perfect sound frequency of your song. You can manage according to your choice. However, on other devices, Spotify Connect doesn’t allow this feature.

To enable this equalizer:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Music Quality.
  • Click on the Equalizer option and enable it.

Adjust the sound frequency and bass to customize your music. You can also set the same loudness of your songs with the Normalize Audio function from settings.

Equaliser Configuration Image

Save Your Data with Spotify’s Data Saver Mode

This mode helps you manage your mobile data while streaming. This feature helps when you have limited mobile data or want to save your mobile data during streaming. Because of this mode, the app adjusts its song quality to lower bitrate and shows fewer images to use less data.

You can save 70% of your mobile data with this mode. To enable this, Go to your Settings, scroll down, and enable Data Saver Mode. You can also save your mobile storage and data with Spotify Lite Mod Apk.

Data Saver Mode Configuration Image

Auto Adjust Quality

Auto adjust quality feature helps you when your internet connection is poor. After enabling this mode, the app adjusts music quality automatically according to your network condition.

It helps optimize your music listening experience by adjusting to your data stability. The aim is to provide an uninterrupted and seamless music streaming experience.

To activate this feature, follow the given steps:

  • Navigate to your Settings.
  • Under Audio Quality Section, select Automatic for Wi-Fi and Mobile Streaming.
  • Now, auto-adjust quality is activated.
Auto Adjust Feature Configuration Image

Spotify MOD APK Videos Feature

This platform lets you play musical videos of some artists, documentaries, and certain podcast videos. You can also watch them on “Spotify Premium Video Player “and any other 3rd party video player.

Stream high-quality videos with this app. You can also share these videos with friends through a link or social media platform.

Make a Community with Your Friends

This platform allows you to follow your friends and engage with them at a much deeper level. Make a small community where you can share your songs, podcasts, albums, and tracks with your friends with a single click.

Additionally, view your friend’s profiles, their activities on the platform, what they used to listen to, or what podcasts or songs they are enjoying. You have the freedom to share your favorite songs on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and nswhatsapp download.

You can create Instagram stories on Android mobile to share what music you’re listening to. To create Instagram stories, go three dots next to any song. Tap on share. Select “Instagram Stories” or select any other platform where you want to share. his way, you can share your activities with your friends.

Easy to Use

It is a very user-friendly app. Even if you’re new to this music streaming platform, you can easily navigate it. Searching for anything music related on this platform is like a breeze. It offers a very attractive and appealing interface with an outstanding experience.

On the Home Page, you’ll always find something new, such as playlists and the top picks from other users worldwide. You can multitask on your phone or computer while listening to music. The app developers are consistently improving it and making it more user-friendly. It supports various file types like mp4 and mp3.

Spotify Mod Apk’s Premium Features

Spotify Premium mod Apk contains several premium features generally not found in the free version, making it apart from other music streaming apps. Here are some features:

Ads Free Music Listening Experience

Spotify Mod Apk lets you listen to your favorite songs, playlists, albums, or podcasts without being interrupted by visual or audio advertisements. You may continue to listen to your favorite artist, album, playlist, or song without the arduous task of watching ads.

You can enjoy smooth and continuous music, which will enhance your experience. It also saves your internet and time.

High-Quality Music and Podcast Streaming

When it comes to sound quality, Spotify is unmatchable in this aspect. Enjoy high-quality music and podcasts in a clear, crystal voice. Sound quality depends upon your internet connection, and you can adjust it yourself, too, from settings.

Adjust sound quality by visiting Settings, navigate to Audio Quality, and adjust sound quality according to you. The sound quality for music ranges from 24 kbps (Low) to 160 kbps (High). With the Premium version, you can also access the sound quality of 320 kbps (very high).

In the case of podcasts, the platform provides the quality of 96 kbps on all kinds of devices. The lowest quality of podcast on mobile or tablet is 24kbps.

Most accurate Recommendation System

Its recommendation system recognizes your music listening habits and suggests songs and playlists according to your mood. The more you use this app, the more accurate its recommendations will be. Its algorithms are designed magnificently and offer you various recommendations.

These algorithms distinguish this streaming app from others. Here are some tools that make your music-listening experience great:

Daily Mixes

Daily Mixes is a curated playlist that is updated by the platform daily. It is based on your searches, the artists you follow, and your music taste. To get this, click on your search bar and type “made for you, then scroll down to see daily mixes.

Discover Weekly

It updates you on the latest releases from the artists you follow. Every Friday, the platform updates its radar. It allows you to discover something fresh and different.

Fans also like

The platform creates a tailored playlist just for you. The music streaming platform updates this playlist weekly. This playlist is curated using your search history, favorite genres, tracks, and activities. It introduces you to new music and artists.


This recommendation is available in the artist’s profile. It recommends new artists that fans of your favorite artists also like. This tool is perfect for you if you’re looking to discover new artists and talent.

Premium Queue

Our mod app lets you create a personalized list of songs you want to listen to in a specific order. With this feature, you can systematically organize your songs’ sequences.

To create any queue, click on the three-dot button of that particle song and select Add to Queue. It is available on P.C. as well as mobile apps. However, this feature is available on a few playlists.

Premium Queue Configuration Image

No More Limitations

With this Pro Apk, there are no more limitations. You can select and play every song, podcast, album, playlist, or whatever you want. This feature enables you to enter the world of music, where you can find everything related to music and quench your thirst for music.

This feature grants you a smoother and more personalized listening experience. You can also enable Explicit Content from settings. This mod also allows you to seek the forward or backward playback bar within a track. You can play any part of the song.

Spotify Premium Wrapped

Wrapped is a summary of your music activities over the past year. The platform has been releasing this feature annually in December since 2016. It shows which songs you listened to the most, which artists you follow, your preferred genre, and the total amount of time you spent on this app throughout the year.

You can share it on social media and show off your musical taste. This music streaming platform generates a personalized playlist based on your listening habits, like Missed Hits.

Furthermore, the audio streaming service also shares statistics of the most popular artists or albums, considering all users on the platform. If you’re searching for which artist has been the most popular for the past year, you can find that information in it.

Podcast Creation with Filtering Out Noise

If you want to create your podcast, Spotify Premium Apk is your go-to option. With a single-button isolation feature, you can record your podcast no matter where you are. With this feature create podcasts even in noisy places. Whether you’re at home where dogs are barking and babies are crying or at the shopping mall.

Moreover, you can toggle this feature on and off during playback to check the results. In this way, you can provide a clear voice to your listeners. And to make the cover of podcasts you can check out this best site for remini mod download for high quality cover image resolution.

Unlimited Shuffles and Skips

The free version allows you only six skips per hour, which can be very disgusting if you’re trying to find the perfect song for you. Spotify premium mod Apk allows you to skip any song as often as you want. If you don’t like any song, skip it!

With unlimited shuffles, enjoy music randomly. You can shuffle unlimited times. You have the freedom to shuffle your playlists, albums, or libraries for a random playback experience. This feature makes your musical journey wonderful.

Unlimited Repeats

Some songs may touch your heart, and you want to listen to them again. The free version doesn’t provide this luxury. But with our mod app, you can enable repeat features and replay your favorite songs, playlists, or albums whenever desired.

If you want to repeat any song or playlist, tap on the repeat button of that particular song or playlist, which looks like two arrows in a loop of that particular song or playlist. Tapping it once will replay that playlist; tapping it twice will replay that particular song currently playing, and tapping it again will turn off the repeat function.

Enjoy Seamless Transition with Crossfade Feature

Spotify Premium Mod Apk offers a crossfade feature, which eliminates any silence between two songs. This feature allows seamless transition between two tracks. It enables you to enjoy a smooth listening experience. It overlaps the ending of one song with the beginning of the other.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the duration of the crossfade feature. Enable this feature by Navigating to your Settings. Then, go to the Playback Section and adjust the crossfade slider to your desired duration.

Crossfade Feature Configurating Image

View Lyrics and Sing along

Spotify Mod Apk lets you view song lyrics, helping you engage much deeper with that particular song. You can also share lyrics with friends. It allows you to Sing Along with your song as lyrics sync with the song while playing.

Check Credits

Check the song’s singer, producer, source, or background history using the check credits feature. Credits may also include inspiration as well as interesting facts about the song. Check a song’s credit by clicking the three dots and selecting Check Credits.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is another feature that makes this app unique. If you used to listen to music before sleeping, then this feature is for you. With this feature, you can set a timer before sleeping; this app will automatically turn off your music after that time.

This feature makes sure that it doesn’t kill your battery overnight. It is only available in mobile apps.

Seamless Music Control with Spotify Connect

The connect feature allows you to switch your music playback between different devices without any interruption seamlessly. For example, play a song on one device and control it from another. You can install the Spotify on P.C., mobile or T.V. using the same account, and the application will automatically sync between all devices.

You’re able to transfer playback from one device to another easily. For instance, you might start listening to music on your Android phone and switch it to your laptop or speakers. From “Device Broadcast Status,” you can also check how many devices are connected to your account.

This feature enables your music system or speakers to stream music directly from the Spotify cloud rather than via phone. This way, you can use your mobile as a remote control and control music on speakers or music systems.

No Root Required

The best part of this mod is that you don’t need to root out your device or install any 3rd party app. You can download this mod directly from the download link without any hesitation.

How to Download and Install Spotify Premium APK for Android

Downloading and installing procedure is quite simple. Below, I have shared the downloading and installing procedure; follow these steps to start your installation procedure easily and efficiently:

Step 1: Start the Download Process

First, click the download button given below to begin the downloading procedure. It may take a few seconds. After the download is completed, click on the Apk file you downloaded.

Donwload Spotify Premium Apk

Step 2: Allow Permission

Before starting the installation procedure, Go to your settings and allow installation from unknow sources.

Allow Installtion

Step 3: Start Installation

After enabling the settings, click on the Downloaded Apk and tap the “Install” button. Now, your Apk installation will begin. Wait a little bit until the installation is completed.

Install Spotify Premium Apk

Step 4: Open the App and Create an Account

When the installation is complete, open the app to create your account, signup with your preferred method like signup with Google or click the “Signup free” button. Then, enter your email, date of birth, gender, and name. After you’ve entered your information, click the “Create” button.

Account Creation Process Image

Step 5: Select Language

Now, choose the language you want to listen to music and click the “Next” button. Boom! Your app is now installed. You can enjoy your favorite music.


  • Before installing the mod Apk, uninstall your old Spotify app. Otherwise, the installation will fail.
  • Avoid using your existing Spotify account because it can ban your account. Make an account with a new email on this app.
Spotify Mod Apk Downloading Steps Image

Spotify Standard Vs Spotify Mod Apk

Mod Apk Version

Standard Version

It offers songs with high-quality sound up to 320 kbps.It offers a normal sound quality of 160 Kbps.
It offers more accurate recommendations based on your listening habits on the platform.It offers less accurate recommendations based on limited data.
It allows you to view the lyrics of the songs and sing along.It doesn’t allow you to view the lyrics of the songs.
It offers the option of a premium queue to make a personalized list of songs.It doesn’t allow to make a personalized list of songs.
It offers sleep mode, which allows you to set a timer before sleeping for automatic turn-off of your songs.It lacks the sleep mode feature.
It provides you access to premium wrapped.It doesn’t provide you with access to premium wrapped.
It offers you a wide range of content.It offers you limited content.
It is unavailable on the Play Store.It is available on the Play Store.
It offers you a radio feature.It lacks you a radio feature.
You can track live events and concerts.You can’t track live events and concerts.

Mod Apk Version

Standard Version

High-Quality sound up to 320 kbps.Normal sound quality of 160 Kbps.
More accurate recommendationsless accurate recommendations
View the lyrics of the songs and sing along.Lack this feature
Premium Queue Feature is availablePremium Queue feature is not available
Sleep Mode Feature is availableSleep Mode Feature is not available
Access to Premium WrappedPremium wrapped is not available
Wide range of content.Limited content.
Unavailable on the Play Store.Available on the Play Store.
Radio featureRadio Feature is not available
Track Live events and Concerts.Can’t track live events

Pros and Cons


Radio feature.
Easy to Use application.
Access to a wide range of library
No root required
Available in almost 178 countries
Available in different themes and colors.
Access to Premium Features
Offline Listening
Podcast Creation
Seamlessly switch from one device to another.


No official support in case of glitches.
It can ban your account, so try to make a new account.
Not Available on Play Stores as it is a third-party app.
Compatible with Android devices but not compatible with iOS devices. Install Spotify++ for iOS devices.
CD sound quality is restricted in some countries.
Limited lyrics on mobile.
Unavailability of hi-fi

Spotify Premium Plans

Spotify offers four plans you can choose according to your preferences and needs. The prices of these plans vary from region to region, so it is recommended to check the official website for pricing information for your region.

Individual Plan Image

Individual Plan

This plan is designed for one person, offering access to millions of songs, playlists, albums, podcasts and audiobooks. It costs around $10.99 per month. This plan includes all the premium features of Spotify, like unlimited skips, download features and a vast music library.

Duo Plan Image

Duo Plan

This plan is designed for two persons living in the same household, which is especially beneficial for couples. In this plan, Spotify offers two premium accounts with all the premium features like ads, free listening, and more. It costs around $14.99 per month.

Family Image

Family Plan

This plan is designed for a six member family living at the same address. In this plan, Spotify allows you to create six separate accounts for six persons. Each member gets their own Spotify account and all the premium features, including personalized recommendations tailored to their taste. It costs around $16.99 per month.

Student Image

Student Plan

Spotify offers a discounted plan for students studying in eligible universities. The student plan costs around $5.99 per month and can be obtained after verification through student identity cards. This plan includes all the features of an individual plan but at a low price.

Spotify Premium APK Alternatives

Spotify Premium APK is dominating in the music industry, giving a tough time to its competitors. It is unparalleled in this field. However, there are other apps that offer lossless audio and other premium features that Spotify lacks. Here are some best alternatives to Spotify:

Apple Music Logo

Apple Music

Apple Music offers a vast library of songs that you won’t find on other platforms. It seamlessly integrates with Apple devices, making it a first choice for Apple device holders. You can create playlists and enjoy personalized recommendations on it.

YouTube Music Logo

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of the biggest rivals of Spotify. It has an edge over Spotify in providing music videos along with songs. YouTube Music is the product of Google Company, allowing you to switch between audio and video modes easily. You can enjoy 100 million tracks on YouTube Music.

Amazon Music Logo

Amazon Music

Amazon Music also offers 100 million songs in lossless audio quality, allowing you to enjoy your beats in a clear, crystal voice. It comes with special discounts for prime members. It can be integrated with Alexa using which you can control the music using your voice commands.

Pandora Logo


Pandora offers you a personalized music listening experience with its music genome project. This feature allows you to create custom radio stations of your favorite songs and artists. It helps you explore new artists and music that match your preferences.

SoundCloud Logo


SoundCloud supports emerging artists with its tools and analytics. It basically provides a platform for new artists to showcase their talent to the whole world and gain a loyal audience. SoundCloud offers a large number of indie songs, allowing you to discover new and fresh tracks.

Tidal Music Logo


Tidal is known for its high-quality audio and exclusive content. Tidal offers a vast array of songs, playlists, music videos, live streams and concerts. Tidal provides more than 110 million songs, perfect for those who want to explore a large variety of tracks.

Troubleshooting Tips

Spotify Premium APK is a modified version of the official app. As it is a modded version, it may pose some common issues. Below, I’ve listed some common issues along with their solutions which will help you to figure out them:

Spotify Error Code 409

Spotify error code 409 usually occurs due to conflict between the user and the Spotify server. Here are some common solutions to this problem:

Bad Internet Connection

Sometimes, a bad internet connection may cause errors. In this case, check your internet connection or try to switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi to solve the issue.

App or Device Issue

App or device issues may cause Spotify Error Code 409. In this case, try to reinstall your Spotify app. If the issue persists, restart your device.

Account Syncing Problems

Sometimes, there may be a conflict between the data stored on your device and the data stored on Spotify servers, which may cause this error. In such cases, log out from your account and log in again with your account details.

Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing

If your Spotify MOD app keeps pausing unexpectedly, there may be several reasons behind this, which are given below:

Poor Internet Connection

Ensure that you’ve a stable internet connection. If you’re on mobile data, ensure that you have a stable signal. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try to restart your router or shift to any other network.

Certain Battery Settings

If you’re using Spotify on your Android mobile device, then certain Android battery optimization settings may interrupt Spotify’s background activities to increase your battery timing.

In this situation, go to your device Settings, then navigate to the Battery Management section and ensure that Spotify is not being overly restricted. 

App Cache

Clear your Spotify app cache, which may cause some issues. To do so, open the Spotify app, go to Storage, and Clear Caches.

Outdated App

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of this APK because old versions may include some bugs and issues that may have been fixed in the updated APK.

Log in to Spotify using Facebook Failed

If you’re a person who prefers to log in with a Facebook ID, you may face an error like Login to Spotify using Facebook Failed. In this case, you can follow the given solution:

Check Facebook Permission

Ensure that you’ve granted necessary permissions to Facebook to connect with your Spotify account. To grant permission, open your Facebook app>Tap on the menu> Click on Settings in the Setting and Privacy section>Click on Apps and Websites.

Check whether Spotify is connected with Facebook and has granted necessary permissions.

Reset Facebook Password

Reset your Facebook account password and try to log in again to Spotify using your Facebook account’s new password.

Use Alternative Login Methods

If the issue still persists and is not solved with the above methods, try logging in using the email and password you used at the signup time.

User Reviews

John D.

“I’ve been using the Spotify Premium MOD APK for several months and I must say it is a musical treasure. It has totally transformed my music listening experience with its advanced features.”


“As an avid music listener, I was frustrated by the limitations of the free version of Spotify. With Spotify Premium APK, I finally have the freedom to listen to any song or playlist without interruptions.”


“I’ve been using Spotify Premium MOD APK for a while now, and it’s been awesome! No more annoying ads interrupting my jams, and I can skip as many songs as I want. “

Final Words

In short, Spotify Premium Mod Apk gives you access to a universe of music where you can explore music related to everything. It provides you with all those impossible features with the free version.

It is a great way to enjoy music streaming free of cost. Go ahead and enjoy this amazing opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Spotify premium Apk is actually a mod version of the official Spotify Android app. It gives you access to all the premium features that are not available in the normal version.

Yes, it is safe to use if you download it from a trusted website like my website because before giving the download link to you; we check this app ourselves and confirm that it is safe to use and virus-free, and then we share it with you.

No, you can’t install this app on your iOS devices like iPhones or iPads. For iOS, you have to install Spotify ++, which will provide you with all premium features free of cost.

Yes, the Spotify mod Apk is completely free of cost, providing you with all the premium features without any subscription.

You can download the latest version of this apk every time from this website. We keep updating this page after every version. You can also bookmark this page in your browser for downloading the latest version every time.

Yes, you can upload your songs or playlists on Spotify through a Spotify artist account. Spotify shares a list of distributors who upload your songs at their commission.