7 reasons why Spotify keeps Pausing? Here’s how to fix it-2024

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Spotify is awesome when it works, but sometimes the music pauses for no apparent reason, ruining your groove. And you start wondering why Spotify keeps pausing.
Everybody wants to listen to their favorite tracks without any interruption. I know it can be frustrating when you are listening to your favorite song, and it keeps pausing after a few seconds.

It’s really annoying, especially when you are driving a car or listening to a podcast while doing exercise. Many key factors cause Spotify to keep pausing. After testing, these are some solutions to prevent Spotify from being paused.

1. Power Setting

This is the factor that most people ignore, but Spotify may pause at random due to the power settings on your phone. No one wants to charge their phones again and again. That’s why all mobile phones have a low-power option that reduces background activity to conserve battery life. 

In fact, in many cases, it shuts off automatic mail retrieval and stops downloads. It can even interfere with your Spotify stream. On an Android phone, this would be a low-power mode, and on an iPhone, it would be a low-battery mode.

So, to fix this, we are going to navigate our settings and scroll down to the battery section. In the battery section, you will see the low battery mode option. Make sure to turn it off. It sometimes automatically turns on when your battery is low, and it stops streaming.

2.Data Saver Mode

Spotify has a feature that allows you to turn on the data saver mood. This feature reduces the amount of useless data the app uses, but sometimes, it limits the streaming and the quality of music streaming. This can be a potential reason why Spotify keeps pausing because It limits our data.

But don’t worry; you can fix this in some simple steps. First, open the Spotify app and click on the profile icon at the top of your screen. Then, click on settings and privacy. Scroll down, and you’ll see the data saver option. Disable the toggle to turn it off.

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3.Unauthorized Access to Multiple Accounts

Many users report that signing out from all devices before signing in can fix this issue. You have two options for fixing this problem. First, you can change the password for your Spotify account.

The next option you can use is to go to your Spotify account overview and scroll down to the bottom. You will see sign-outs everywhere. Click on this option, and it will automatically sign out your account from all devices.

By signing out from all devices, you can remove all the unauthorized persons using your account that you might not know. Spotify doesn’t allow you to play songs on different devices at the same time with a single premium subscription. If both devices with the same account play at the same time, the music will pause. 

4.Update the App

App Updates often come with bug fixes and some enhancements because of some crashes in the app or to tackle the problems users are reporting. Because when users face difficulties using the app, they will report the issue to the app community or give feedback.

You can solve the Spotify pause problem by updating your app. To update the app on Play Store, go to Play Store, click on your profile avatar, select manage apps, and look for the updates available. Now, you can update all the apps or only Spotify, but it’s better to update all your apps. iPhone users can go to the app store. Click on the profile avatar and choose to update Spotify individually or update all the apps.

5.Errors During Installation

Another reason your Spotify audio pauses is that some errors and glitches unintentionally occur during installation. Your Spotify app may also pause.
The best way to remove glitches is to reinstall your Spotify app. However, there is another method: you can simply update the app if it is available or clear the app’s cache in the app settings.

If Spotify cache’s files are corrupt, Spotify may stop them repeatedly. To clear the cache in the Spotify mobile app, tap at the top right corner, select settings and privacy, in the storage section, and hit the clear cache options.

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6.Disconnect Discord with Spotify

There is a great chance that Discord can cause rapid Spotify pauses if you intentionally or unintentionally share your screen on Discord with someone. Many people said that they have tried everything from clear caching to reinstalling the app, but the problem is still there.

It turns out that disconnecting Spotify from Discord resolved the issue instantly. So, Don’t share screens while using Spotify. It is one of the reasons that your Spotify may pause.

7.Check if Spotify Servers are Down

Most people try all the methods to fix Spotify pause issues but this is something that people often don’t come along with. 
They do all the steps mentioned above but still wonder why their Spotify account still keeps pausing. If you’re one of them, please check if Spotify servers are down, which can affect your playback experience.

To stay updated, you can check your Spotify Twitter feed, where users report service-related issues. If something happens on the Spotify side, you will be informed. 


In short, while Spotify offers its users a fantastic music streaming experience, it can pose occasional pauses and interruptions. The 7 methods outlined in this article can address these issues and enhance your music-listening experience. Stay informed about service updates through Spotify’s official channels to resolve quickly any problem that may arise.

In this article, I’ve described seven different methods to resolve Spotify’s keep-pausing issues. If you still face any issues, feel free to ask in the comment section. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

No, with a single premium subscription, you can’t play music on multiple devices simultaneously using the same account because it can pause streaming.

Follow Spotify on Twitter to stay informed about the Spotify server status.

Yes, some third-party apps, like Discord integrations with Spotify, can cause playback issues. Disconnecting third-party apps can resolve the issues.

If the issue persists after following all the steps, contact Spotify support or check the Spotify forums for personalized assistance.

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