How to Add Your Local Files to Spotify [Step-by-Step Guide]-2024

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Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms in the world right now. It has been dominating the music industry with its vast music library of 100 Million songs, 5 Million podcasts, and almost 350,000 audiobooks. However, despite having such a large music library, there is a possibility that the song you’re looking for may not be available on Spotify.

Luckily, Spotify lets you add local files, allowing you to enjoy rare local songs and unfamous indie tracks unavailable on the platform. It is a great way to blend all your music in one place. In this guide, we’ll learn how to add local files to Spotify on mobile and desktop. So, keep reading!

Quick Answer

To add local files to Spotify on mobile, tap on the profile icon, navigate to Settings and Privacy, and in the Local Files section, activate the toggle of Show Audio File from this Device.

To add local files to the desktop app, click on your Avatar, click on Settings, scroll down, and enable the Show Local Files toggle.

How to Add Local Files to Spotify

Adding local files to Spotify is an excellent way to combine all your music collections on the same music platform. It also helps when you want to listen to less famous local artists or songs that are not available on Spotify due to copyright issues.

Let me make one thing clear: the songs you import to Spotify will only be available to you. They won’t be accessible to other users for streaming. The best part is that you can upload local files to Spotify whether you’re a premium or a free user. You can upload music in MP3 and MP4 format as long as the MP4 files do not contain any video.

On Windows 

You can’t add local files to Spotify through your web browser. You’ll need to use the Spotify desktop app to upload your local file. Uploading songs to Spotify is a very straightforward method; just follow the given steps:

  • Open the Spotify App on your Computer.
  • Click on your Avatar in the top right corner.
Click on the Profile Icon Image
  • Click on Settings.
Click on Settings Image
  • Scroll down and under the Your Library section, enable the toggle of Show Local Files.
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  • Then, in the Show Songs From section, you’ll see Download and Music Library as two song sources by default. If you saved your local songs in any other specific folder, then click on Add a Source.
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  • Browse to the folder in the files manager where you house your local files. After selecting the folder, tap on OK.
  • After this, go to the Library section from the left side of the screen. Here, you’ll see a Local Files folder with all your local music.
    You can add these songs to your playlists or make separate playlists for them and listen to them like normal Spotify songs.
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On MacBook

To add local files to Spotify on Mac, follow the given step-by-step procedure:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your MacBook.
  • Navigate to Settings, tap on Edit, and then click on Preferences.
Click on Preferences Image
  • Scroll down to the Local Files section, and turn on the toggle to Show Local Files.
Enable the toggle of Show Local Files Image
  • After this, click on Add a Source.
  • Select the folder where you store your local music files and tap OK.
  • After inserting the local music folder, you can see your songs in the Local Files folder in the Library section.

On Mobile

If you used to listen to music on mobile, Spotify lets you add your local music to Spotify from your mobile storage. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Spotify mobile app.
  • Tap on your Profile icon.
Click on Profile Icon Image
  • Click on Settings and Privacy.
Click on Settings and Privacy Image
  • Scroll down to the Local Files section and tap on it.
Tap on Local Files Image
  • Activate the toggle of Show Audio Files from this Device.
Enabling the toggle of Show Local Files Image
  • After this, you will see a pop-up asking you to Allow Spotify to access media on your device. Tap on Allow.
Tap on Allow Image
  • Then, go to the library and look for the Local Files folder. All your songs from your mobile storage will be in this folder.
Local Files folder in library Image

Troubleshooting Tips

After reading this article, I hope you can add local files to Spotify hassle-free. However, there are chances that you may encounter problems. Below, I’ve listed some troubleshooting tips that will help you upload your local files.

Unable to Upload Local Files: If Spotify doesn’t allow you to add songs, it may be due to the wrong format. Ensure the files are in MP3 or MP4 format (MP4 format should not contain any video). If your files are not in MP3 or MP4 format, use an online conversion tool like to change their format.

Local Apps Are Not Showing up in Spotify after Uploading: If local files are not showing up in the library section after uploading, ensure that you’ve activated the Show Local Files toggle from the settings.

Local Files Added on Desktop not showing on Mobile: In this case, your local files are not synced with your mobile app. To sync local files to mobile apps, ensure that your desktop and mobile app are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and logged in with the same Spotify account.

Issue Still Persists After following all the Steps: If the issue still persists and local files are not showing even after doing everything, then you can apply the following:

  • Restart the App
  • Update the App
  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Contact Spotify Support for further assistance

Final Words

Adding music to Spotify is a great way to enhance your library with local music. Whether you’re using a Windows PC, MacBook, or mobile device, this process is easy. You can enjoy rare indie tracks, regional songs, personal recordings along with 100 million songs on Spotify.

Following the steps mentioned in this article, you can keep all your favorite music at your fingertips. In this article, I’ve given you tips on how to add local files to Spotify, along with its troubleshooting tips. If you are still facing any issues, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

You can’t add local files to Spotify through the web browser. You must use a mobile or desktop app to upload local files.

No, the songs you import will only be available to you. They won’t be accessible for other users to stream.

You don’t need a premium account; you can add music whether you’re a free or premium user on Spotify.

Yes, you can add your local music files to your playlist or create a separate playlist for them.

There is no limit to the number of local files you can add to Spotify. You can upload as many songs as you want to Spotify.

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