How to Change Profile Picture on Spotify [Complete Tutorial]

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Spotify is more than just a music streaming platform. With its social-friendly features like collaborative playlists, it has become a social hub where you can interact with your friends and share your favorite tunes. Everybody wants to personalize their Spotify profile so that their friends can easily recognize them, and the best way to do that is by updating your profile photo.

However, you may find it difficult if you’re not familiar with the app’s settings. Don’t worry! It is easier than you think. Whether you’re using Spotify on your mobile or desktop, this article will help you through updating your profile picture. You can change your profile picture to match your preferences.

Quick Answer

To change your profile picture on mobile, click the Profile icon, tap View Profile, click Edit, and Choose Photo.
To do this on the desktop app, click the Profile Icon, tap Profile, hover your cursor on the existing profile picture, and click Choose Photo.

How to Change Profile Picture on Spotify

Personalizing your profile on Spotify is a great way to make your account unique and reflect your personality. One of the easiest ways to do this is by updating your profile picture.

However, If you’ve connected your Spotify account with Facebook, your profile picture will automatically sync with your Facebook profile image, and you won’t be able to change it directly within the Spotify app. 

On Mobile (Android/iOS)

To change your profile image on mobile:

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the Profile avatar or the Settings icon at the top of your screen.
Click on the Profile Icon on Mobile
  • Then, click on the View Profile from the given option. Here, you’ll see your profile name and image.
Click on View Profile on Mobile Image
  • Tap the Edit button on your profile.
Click on Edit button on Mobile Image
  • Hit the Pencil-shaped button on your profile.
  • Then you’ll see different options: Choose Photo, Take a Photo, and Remove Current Photo.
  • Click on Choose Photo and select a photo from your mobile storage.
Click on Choose Photo on Mobile Image
  • After all this, click on the Save button to save changes.

On Desktop (Windows/macOS)

To do this on the desktop app:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your PC.
  • Click on the Avatar icon.
Click on the Profile Icon on PC Image
  • Hit the Profile button using the given option.
Click on Profile on PC Image
  • Then, you will see your profile image, name, public playlist, followers, and other details.
  • Hover the cursor of your mouse on your Profile Image and click on Choose Photo.
Click on Choose Photo on PC Image
  • Then, select the suitable image from your device storage.
  • After selecting, hit the Save button to confirm your changes.

How to Remove Profile Picture on Spotify

Your Profile image is a key part of your online identity, but there are times when you want to remove it due to privacy concerns or other reasons. Luckily, Spotify lets you remove your image. Whether you’re using Spotify on your mobile, desktop, or any other device, you can easily remove your existing picture.

On Mobile

  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Tap on the View Profile and click on the edit button.
  • Tap on the pencil-like icon on your profile image.
  • Choose the Remove Current Photo option.
Click on Remove Photo Image
  • Then, your profile image will be replaced by a gray silhouette.

On Desktop

  • Hit the profile icon and select the Profile option.
  • Hover the cursor on the existing profile image.
  • Tap on Remove Photo to remove your existing profile image.
Click on Remove Photo on PC


Changing and customizing your profile image is essential in making your profile unique and personalized. Because your profile image is the visual representation of your identity on the platform, it helps your friends identify you and interact with you, enhancing your social experience on Spotify.

By updating your profile photo, you ensure that your profile matches your personality and preferences. In this article, I’ve guided you how to change profile picture on Spotify and how to remove the current photo. You can easily change your profile image by following the steps outlined in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

You can’t change your profile image within Spotify if you’ve connected your Spotify account with Facebook. The only way to do this is to change your Facebook profile image. Once you change the Facebook profile image, it will automatically sync with your Spotify profile photo.

Yes, you can use any photo for your profile. However, you can’t use offensive images or images that violate Spotify’s terms of policy.

There are no limits on how often you can change your profile image. You can change it as frequently as you want.

Your friends and followers can see when you change your profile picture.

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