Spotify Might Launch Lossless Audio Quality in 2024

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In February 2021, Spotify announced they would introduce lossless audio quality later that year. Still, even after three years, there have been no updates or official releases regarding this feature.

But Guess what? Recently, some screenshots have been leaked by a Redditor, Ohlts Tom, spotted by The Verge, which indicates that Spotify will introduce their much anticipated lossless audio quality feature very soon.

According to The Verge:

After years of waiting for Spotify to release the lossless audio tier it promised, some leaked UI elements suggest the project is alive and kicking, if not (dare I say) possibly close to release […]

What is Lossless Audio Quality

Lossless audio quality is a type of audio compression that preserves all the original recording data. It means you’ll listen to music in a clear, crisp sound, with all the details from the original studio recording without any loss. Lossless audio quality offers streaming quality at 1411 kbps, which can go even higher. 

Leaked Screenshots 

Leaked Screenshot about Lossless Audio Quality
Leaked Screenshots for Spotify Lossless Audio (Reddit)

The leaked screenshots show five different audio quality options, including lossless, under the Streaming Quality section. Initially, Spotify named this feature HiFi, but these screenshots indicate that Spotify might be renaming it from HiFi to Lossless

These screenshots are probably taken from the 1.2.36 version of the Spotify app for Windows. According to Ohlts Tom, this feature is currently just shown on the app, but it is not actually working yet.

One of the screenshots also displays audio quality up to 2117 kbps, which consumes 15.9 Mb of data per minute. Another important point is that lossless audio quality will only play when accessible and for selected tracks.

Device Compatibility and Tips

The screenshot also shows a device compatibility checker that informs users about their device’s compatibility, bandwidth, and speaker support, along with some tips about downloading music with lossless audio quality.

It also suggests that some Bluetooth devices don’t fully support lossless audio quality. That’s why it advises users to use wired devices, or the Spotify connect feature for wireless devices.

Speculations about the Lossless Audio Quality Feature

There are some speculations that this feature might be introduced in the separate premium tier, possibly named Supremium. Spotify might cost $19.99 similar to when they charged $7.50 extra during the testing of CD quality back in 2017.

To make Supremium tier worthy, they might also offer some additional features like DJ Remix feature that allows you to slow down and speed up songs according to your mood, along with access to audiobooks.

But there is no official statement from Spotify regarding the release date or pricing yet. We can expect it at the end of 2024. Streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal have already introduced lossless audio quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Lossless Audio Quality preserves all original recording data, allowing you to listen to music in clear, crisp sound.

Spotify is soon expected to launch its lossless audio quality feature, offering audio quality of 1411 kbps.

Currently, Spotify offers four different audio quality options in its premium tier: low (24 kbps), medium (96 kbps), high (160 kbps) and very high (320 kbps). The highest audio quality on Spotify is up to 320 kbps.

Although there is no official statement from Spotify about the release date, according to some leaked screenshots, we can expect it at the end of 2024.

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