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Spotify is currently dominating in the music streaming world. It provides a wide selection of songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more. However, if you’re using its free version, you must have gotten irritated by those annoying ads that often pop up when listening to your favorite music.

But you don’t need to worry now because we’ve brought Spotify++ for iOS for you, using which you can eliminate ads and other limitations. It offers you unlimited skips and an ads-free music listening experience free of cost.

What is Spotify ++ for iOS?

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Spotify++ is a modified version of the official Spotify app. It provides you with plenty of premium features for free that elevate your musical journey. It allows you to skip unlimited songs, stream high-quality music, and discover podcasts worldwide without any advertisements.

  • The application allows you to create playlists and share it with your friends via social media. 
  • Make a collaborative playlist with your friends using its blend feature.
  • Get access to curated playlists made just for you by its magical algorithms.
  • Follow your favorite artists and get information about their upcoming live events.
  • Create your artist account and showcase your talent to the world.
  • You may connect with your friends and make a community.
  • Save your data up to 70% with its data saver mode.
  • Customize its theme and layout according to your preferences.

With this streaming app, discover the world of music. It is a one-stop destination for music lovers. So, let’s look at its premium features, the downloading process, and how to install it.

Premium Features

The streaming application has numerous premium features, making your musical journey more wonderful. Here are some features:

Unlimited Skips and No forced Shuffle

This feature is beneficial when you’re listening to any song and don’t like it and want to skip it. Spotify’s standard version only allows you 6 skips per hour, which is insufficient if you’re trying to find a perfect song according to your mood. In our plus version, you have the freedom to skip unlimited songs.

Moreover, it doesn’t force you to shuffle your playlists. This way, you can control your music listening and enhance your experience.

Unlimited Repeats

Some songs deeply impact our souls, and we want to listen to them repeatedly. Our Plus app allows you to repeat your favorite songs as often as you wish.

In order to repeat any song:

  • Navigate to the song or playlist that you desire to repeat.
  • Tap on the Repeat Button, which looks like two arrows like a loop.
  • Clicking on it once will replay that particular playlist.
  • Clicking it twice will replay a particular song.
  • Clicking it again will turn off the repeat function.
Spotify Repeat Feature Image

No More Ads

The feature that I love about this application is its ad-free experience. In its free version, ads often appear when you listen to your music. But it gives you the luxury of listening to your songs, playlists, albums, or tracks without those disgusting ads. In this way, you can enjoy smooth and seamless music.

Unlock Spotify Connect

Spotify Plus connect function lets you connect your account with your speakers, music system, or TV. This feature allows you to switch between devices while still listening to music.

Use your phone as a remote control to control music across different devices. This feature lets you connect your Spotify++ account to your MacBook and mobile. Any activity you perform on your mobile will automatically be reflected on your MacBook. For example, if you play any song on your iPhone, you may control and change it on your MacBook.

High-Quality Audio Streaming

Improve your listening experience with high-quality audio streaming. The platform delivers songs, playlists and podcasts in high quality. You may listen to your favorite albums or audiobooks with a outstanding bitrate.

These features add more detail and depth to the music. You can alter your audio quality from settings. To ensure that this app streams songs at the highest quality, enable High Quality in the audio quality section of the settings. 

Crossfade Feature

This feature eliminates the silence between the two tracks, ensuring an uninterrupted transition between the songs. This feature effectively overlaps the finish of one track and the start of another track, allowing you to enjoy music without any irritating gaps. You can also adjust the duration of crossfade from settings.

Enhanced Customization with themes

The platform allows you to customize your app’s interface by adding additional themes. You’ve the ability to change your interface’s colour, background, and other visual elements. These themes and other customization options allow you to customize your app to your preferences.

No Jailbreak Required

This feature is quite helpful for you if you do want to avoid jailbreaking your iOS device due to security issues. You can install this modified app without jailbreaking your device. This feature makes this app accessible to everyone and eliminates the risks of jailbreaking.

Additional Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, this app also provides some other features that you may like:

  • Sleep Mode Available
  • Curated Playlists like daily mixes, made for you, etc
  • Premium Queue
  • Search and Select any song
  • Equalizer
  • Radio
  • Wrapped
  • Unlock Seeking
  • Car Mode
  • Private Session
  • Auto Adjust Quality

These features are vital in making your musical journey more enjoyable without requiring any subscription.

Download and Installation Method for iOS

There are different methods to download it on the iPhone or iPad. In this post, I will share the two easiest and most convenient methods, which I prefer to download any mod/plus app on iOS. So, let’s start:

Download Through AppValley

App Valley is an official third-party app store. It offers modified versions of different apps unavailable on the official app store. You can also download Spotify Plus from the app Valley. Here is the procedure:

Step 1:

First, you must go to your Safari Web Browser. Go to the official website of AppValley and click on the download button.

Once you click the download button, a pop will appear for permission; allow it. When the downloading procedure of the configure file is completed, you will see a message where you need to click on the close button.

Step 2: 

Now, navigate to your device settings; click on the Profile Download, then click on the Install button in the top right corner. If it requires your Passcode, enter it, then click on the Next and tap the install button.

App Valley Configurating Image
App Valley Downloading Image

Step 3:

After completing the installation of AppValley, you will see the icon of AppValley on your device. Open it and type Spotify++ in your search bar. Once you locate this app, click the Get Button; a popup will appear where you must select the install button.

Spotify++ Downloading Image

Step 4:

If you face any error that the app developers are not trusted, then go to your Settings > General>VPN and Device Management> Under Enterprise App and then trust the profile of Spotify++. Now, your app is installed, and you can enjoy all premium features without spending a penny.

Setting Image

Step 5:

Then, open the app, sign up with your email, enter your Name, date of birth, and gender, and select language.

Download Spotify++ through App Valley Steps Image

Download Through Tweak Box

Like AppValley, tweak box is also an unofficial third-party app store. It is an alternative to the official app store. It lets you download modified files, plus versions and emulators unavailable on the original App Store. So, let’s begin:

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Tweak box and download it. Then, go to your settings, click on “Profile Download,” click on the install button, and install the tweak box.

Tweak Box Configuration Image

Step 2:

After completing the installation process, open the Tweak box app. Click on the apps tab and enter Spotify++ in the search bar. After finding Spotify++, click on it and install it.

Downloading Spotify++ Image

Step 3:

If you face an error like “Untrusted Enterprise Developer,” navigate to your settings, click on the General Section, go to VPN and Device Management, and trust Spotify++. Congratulations! It is installed now. 

Setting Image

Step 4:

Now, open the app, sign up with your email, and enter your “Name, email, date of birth, and gender. Then, select the language and enjoy songs, podcasts, or playlists without ads.


  • Before downloading Spotify++, uninstall your existing Spotify app. Otherwise, the installation will fail.
  • Try to make an account of this mod app with a separate email account. Because if you use the existing Spotify app, it can ban your account.
  • Download the latest version every time and from trusted websites.
Download Spotify++ through Tweak Box Steps Image

Spotify Free Vs Spotify++


Spotify Standard

It offers you a seamless transition between the songs through the crossfade feature.The free version lacks the crossfade feature.
It comes with millions of songs, playlists, podcasts and albums.It comes with limited content.
It offers you the most accurate recommendation system.It offers Limited accuracy in recommendations.
It allows you to make collaborative playlists with your friends.It lacks the collaborative playlist feature.
It provides a radio function to enhance your listening experience.It doesn’t provide any radio feature.
A single-button isolation feature allows you to record podcasts even in noisy places.It doesn’t allow you to record podcasts in noisy places.
It allows you to customize your application through additional themes.It doesn’t allow you to customize your application through additional themes.


Spotify Standard

Crossfade feature is available.Crossfade feature is available.
Wide range of contentLimited content.
Most accurate recommendation system.Limited accuracy in recommendations.
Make collaborative playlistsCollaborative playlist feature is not available.
Radio function is available.Radio function is not available.
Record podcasts even in noisy places.Podcast recording is not available.
Customize your application through additional themes.Lack this feature

Pros and Cons


Additional customization option
Stream songs without any advertisements
Crossfade feature
Access to premium features free of cost
No Jailbreak required
Compatible with iOS devices


No official support
Updates Delays
Account Suspension

User Reviews

John William

“Spotify++ has completely transformed my music listening experience. The freedom to listen to any song, anytime, without ads is incredible. “


“Spotify++ has become my go-to music app. It’s like having a personal DJ in my pocket! The premium features like unlimited skips and ads free listening distinguish it from other music mod apps.”


“I’ve tried other music apps, but nothing comes close to Spotify++. The ability to create and share playlists with friends has brought a whole new level of fun to my music experience.”


In short, Spotify++ is an alternative for you if you want to enjoy the premium feature without spending money. It offers you a free experience, equalizer, radio, unlimited skips, and all other features without any subscription.

So, grab the opportunity, download the music giant, and enjoy all the premium features. If you’re an android user, download our Spotify Premium for Android. If you’ve any queries, drop in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

No, you can’t download it from the App Store. You can only download it from third-party stores like App Valley or Tweak Box.

It offers you unlimited skips, unlimited shuffles, unlimited repetition ads, free experience, and much more.

No, your device’s safety is not guaranteed because some third-party developers developed it. It can ban your Spotify account, and if you download it from unofficial sources, it can expose your device to viruses or other security issues. So, always use a separate email for signing up and download it from trusted sources.

It is not legal as it is a third-party app. It violated copyright law and the terms of policies of the official Spotify app. So, it is always recommended to download the official Spotify app.

Yes, because using Spotify++ violates Spotify copyright law. If you’re detected using Spotify, your account can be banned. So, always use a separate email for making an account on this plus app.

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