Spotify Launches AI Generated Playlist-Turn Your Thoughts into Playlists

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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized every field of life, bringing innovation to everything. Keeping this in mind, Spotify is also introducing new AI-based features to improve its streaming service.

In 2023, Spotify launched an AI-powered DJ, which makes personalized lists of songs using artificial intelligence. Now, Spotify has introduced an AI-Generated Playlist feature, which allows you to make your playlist through a single prompt. 

Can you imagine? I mean, there was a time when we spent a lot of time browsing through songs and searching artists’ top tracks to make a playlist. But now, with just a single prompt, Spotify’s AI-powered playlist creator chatbot makes playlists for you according to your preferences. It is like having your personal playlist curator at your fingertips.

What is AI Generated Playlist?

Spotify has always been innovating in the music industry by bringing new features with time. AI Created Playlist helps you make your playlists with a single prompt. Using this feature, you can turn your thoughts into playlists.

This feature is currently in beta testing mode and available in only the United Kingdom and Australia. You can use this feature on Android and iOS devices, and it is currently limited to only the English language. 

You’ve the option to use Spotify’s default prompts, or you can enter your prompt as well. In your prompts, you can reference activities, colors, animals, fractional characters, emojis, and more. If you use a combination of different genres, moods and artists in a prompt, you’ll get a more accurate playlist.

How to Create a Playlist Using Text Prompts

Follow the given steps to create a playlist on Spotify using text prompts:

  • Navigate to the Library Tab located at the bottom of your mobile screen.
  • Click on the plus icon (+) and select the AI Playlist option. You’ll see a chat GPT like chatbot where you can enter your prompt.
  • You can select a prompt from Spotify’s list of prompts, or you can enter your prompt as well. Once you enter the prompt, Spotify will make a playlist. 
  • You can customize the playlist by deleting the songs and giving further prompts like “more pop or less upbeat” to the chatbot.
  • After customizing the playlist, save it in your library by clicking the Create button.
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Spotify’s Prompts

Spotify also offers a list of prompts you can choose if you don’t know what to enter in the chatbot. Some prompts are given below:

  • An indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug
  • Sad music for painting dying flowers
  • Tracks for horse riding into the sunset
  • Make us a fiery playlist for heating up the dance floor”
  • Relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season”
  • A playlist that makes me feel like the main character

Apart from this, you can enter your custom prompt. Remember, non-music related content like brand or specific events won’t produce any playlists. Prompts that have offensive words also won’t make any output.


In short, Spotify AI Generated Playlist feature is a game-changer feature in the music industry. After the innovation of this feature, making a playlist for any category or event is like a cup of tea. You can create playlists instantly and make your musical experience better.

In this article, I’ve told you about AI playlists on Spotify and how to create and customize them. If you are still facing any issues, comment in the comments section. I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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