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Spotify Premium Apk


Spotify developers are always working on updating their app to make it more user-friendly. These updates bring in new features and advanced functions. However, some users might not like the new versions as they are accustomed to the interface and functionality of the old version.

Certain users encounter device compatibility issues when using the new version. If you belong to this group and prefer the familiarity and ease of use of the old version, Don’t worry.

You have the option to download the Spotify Mod Apk old versions. Download Spotify premium Apk old version for android and get the most compatible Spotify version for your Android device.

In this post, I will show you how to get old versions of Spotify Premium APK, their features and installation instructions. So keep on reading.

Spotify Old Version Features

Downloading an old version is a right choice if your device is incompatible with the latest version or if you find the newer version’s interface too complex. There are a few reasons why you go for the old versions:

Simple Interface

Old versions come with a simple interface. This simplicity allows you to enjoy music without getting distracted by advanced functionalities or recommendations.

The menus and navigation bars are straightforward. The old versions enhance your experience by letting you focus on your music without any interruptions.

More Adaptable

The Spotify premium Apk old versions are more adaptable with a wide range of devices. They can be used with devices running on low operating systems. These old versions can work well with the device that does not meet the requirements of the new version. 

Inbox Feature

In the old versions of Spotify, there was an Inbox feature that let you share your music and playlists with friends. However, the latest version now allows you to share music through external messaging social media platforms.

Top Lists

Spotify old users might remember the fun of exploring top lists. Top lists showcased top performers and songs from various regions. These lists were regularly updated, offering insights into music trends. Unfortunately, the updated version no longer includes this feature.

Enhance Button

Another magical feature is the enhance button. In the new version, the Enhance button is replaced by Smart Shuffle. Enhance button lets you create playlists with recommended songs based on your listening habits on the platform.

Live Audio App

Previously, Spotify had an audio app that allowed users to listen to live podcasts and events. It was like having a radio where fans could watch their celebrities’ events live. However this function is not present in Spotify’s Latest version.

Spotify App Finder

Old versions of Spotify featured an App Finder tool that allowed users to explore apps and third-party services within the Spotify app. This tool lets you find more music-related content and enhance your music-listening experience.

Disadvantages of Using the Old Version

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to using old versions like the old version lacks customer service support from Spotify. Using an outdated version can ban your account. Some drawbacks are listed:

Data Loss Risk: When you’re using an old version, the risk of data loss increases because you’re using an outdated app, which may not include an advanced backup option.

No official Support: If you face any issues, you won’t be able to contact Spotify support for assistance.

Limited Content: Some old versions may have limited content. They may not have access to the latest content available on the new version.

Glitches and Bugs: You may face glitches and bugs that have been removed in the new version.

Potential Security Threat: Using Spotify’s old versions can pose security risks as they may lack security updates. Your sensitive information and data could be vulnerable when using an outdated app.

Download and Install Spotify Premium APK Old Versions

The process of downloading and installing is quite simple. First, uninstall your Spotify New version. Follow the guide for hassle-free installation:

Step 1:

Select your preferred download link given above and click on it to download. It may take time to download. So, be patient.

Spotify Premium Apk Downloading Image

Step 2:

Once the APK file is downloaded, click on the downloaded file to initiate the installation process. Enable the toggle of  Allow from this source if required.

Enable Permission Image

Step 3:

After installation, launch the app on your device. If you already have an account, log in with your account details.

If you don’t have an account, choose your preferred method for account creation or select the Email option. Provide your email, password, gender, date of birth, and other necessary information to complete the process. Boom! Your account is now set up.

Final Thoughts

In short, downloading an Spotify Mod Apk old version offers simplicity, a familiar interface, and a straightforward navigation system but there are also some security concerns. That’s why you can also consider getting the new version of Spotify Premium APK. For iOS users you can download Spotify++ for iOS.

It is a great way to enjoy music streaming free of cost. Go ahead and enjoy this amazing opportunity.

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