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Spotify has now become one of the best music streaming platforms in the world. It has been quenching the thirst of music lovers with its wide variety of content, including songs, podcasts, and albums. This platform is available as an app version for Android and iOS users and a web version.


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Furthermore, it is also available for PC. The availability of Spotify Premium for PC enhances the experience, providing additional features and benefits for users who prefer the desktop environment. This platform offers you two types of versions. One is the free version, and the other is the paid version.

The free version has many limitations, like limited content, forced shuffle, and annoying ads. In the paid version, all these restrictions are eliminated. It offers you a vast variety of content without those pesky advertisements. In this post, we will discuss Spotify Premium for PC, its features, downloading, and installation procedure. So, stay with me!

What is Spotify Premium for PC

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Spotify Premium for PC is a paid version of the official Spotify app. It comes with a plethora of premium features that are not available in the free version. With the premium version, you have the freedom to skip unlimited songs per hour and explore a wide range of content.

It provides you with all those features you miss in the free version, like ads free experience, unlimited shuffle, premium queue, unlimited repeats, and much more. It offers the opportunity of high-quality music streaming personalized playlists made just for you based on your listening habits.

In addition to enjoying this music streaming platform on your PC, you can enhance your music experience on your mobile devices.
If you’re an Android user, check our guide on Spotify Mod Apk for Android. Similarly, if you’re an iOS user, read our article on Spotify++ for iOS to enjoy ads free music listening experience.

Premium Features

This platform offers numerous premium features that give you a unique music listening experience compared to other music streaming platforms. It takes your music listening experience to new heights. The following are some unique features:

Enhance your experience with Premium Queue

Now, you can control your music experience with the premium queue feature. You can customize the sequence of songs you want to listen to.

If you want to create your premium queue, click on the three dots of the songs and tap Add to Queue. However, this feature might be available on a few playlists.

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Matchless Recommendations

This feature greatly helps you when you don’t know what to listen to. The recommendations system of Spotify Premium for PC is fabulous. It creates curated playlists for you according to your preference. It knows your choices more than you.

It analyses your activities on the platform, like which playlist you listen to the most, which type of songs you want to listen to, and which type of artists you follow. You can explore new and unique talent with their recommendation system on your laptop. It also provides curated playlists like Radar, Fans Also Like, Daily Mixes, and Discover Weekly.

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Engage with Your Favorite Artists

Spotify Premium for PC helps you engage with your favorite artists at a much deeper level. You can follow them and get information about their upcoming concerts. Buy tickets to their concerts.

You can view the lyrics of the songs and sing along with your favorite songs. The “Check Credits” feature lets you learn about the song’s background history, source, singers, and interesting facts.

Wide Range of Content

A wide range of content plays a vital role in enhancing your music listening experience. With its music library, you’ve access to the Ocean of Music. It offers over 80 million songs, 50 million tracks, and 4 million podcasts in 178 countries. In addition, it provides almost 300,000 million audiobooks in some countries.

Enjoy Random Music Experience

This feature will benefit you if you want to listen to music randomly on your laptop. With this feature, shuffle your playlists unlimited times and elevate your listening experience with random-order playlists.

Offline music Listening with the download feature

Keep listening to your songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts, whether you’re on a flight or at a place where an internet connection is unavailable with its download feature. The download feature lets you download any song, playlist, or podcast and listen to them offline on your PC.

This download feature is only available for premium users. Premium subscribers can download songs for offline listening and sync them with other devices like mobile or tablets. This feature is very helpful if you want to enjoy your music offline across different devices.

Seamless Switching Across Different Devices

You can connect your same Spotify account with your laptop, PC, mobile, tablet, and other devices. The Connect feature lets you switch your music playback between devices without gaps. So, with this feature, you can enjoy music on different devices.

No More Pesky Ads

With this premium app, there are no more annoying ads. Enjoy a smooth music listening experience without any breaks. The free version doesn’t provide this luxury, as the ads often appear while listening to music. But this premium version has eliminated all these advertisements.

Enjoy High-Quality Music Listening Experience

In music quality, Spotify is unparalleled, providing a high-quality streaming experience. Listen to your songs, podcasts, and albums in a clear, crystal voice. Adjust the music quality from the settings and allow High-Quality music streaming.

Pros and Cons


Enjoy Ads Free Interface.
Enjoy offline listening with the download feature.
Available in the web version as well as mobile app.
Enjoy high-quality Songs
Access to a huge Music Content


Monthly Fee Charges
Some songs or audiobooks are not available in all regions.
Some songs or audiobooks are not available in all regions.

Subscription Plans

This platform offers several plans like Student Plan, Individual Plan, Duo Plan, and Family Plan. The characteristics and prices of the plan vary from region to region.

This app also provides a one-month free trial on individual and student plans. The free trial allows you to enjoy all the premium features without paying any subscription fee for one month. In this one month, you can decide whether the premium version is beneficial for you or not.

Here is the overview of Premium Plans:

Individual Plan

The Premium version of this music giant offers you an individual account for one person. It allows you to enjoy all the features. Its price may vary from region to region. However, its general price is $10.99 per month.

Student Plan

This plan is designed for students. It offers one premium account having all the features of an individual plan at a reduced price. In this plan, the streaming service requires verification of student status from you. Its cost is almost $5.99 per month.

Duo Plan

In the duo plan, the audio platform offers 2 premium accounts with all the features of individual accounts for two persons living at the same address. In this, each user can enjoy separate personalized playlists tailored for them based on their listening habits. Its cost is around $14.99 per month.

Family Plan

Family Plan offers you 6 premium accounts. This plan is suitable for a six-member family. In this, each family enjoys a personalized experience, offline streaming, ads-free listening, and recommendations. Its cost is around $16.99 per month.

Download And Installation Procedure

The downloading and installation procedure of Spotify for PC is quite simple. Just follow the given steps for quick and easy installation:

Minimum Requirements

Your PC must meet the minimum requirements. Your PC must run on a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system. Keep your internet connection good.

Step 1: Download

Click on the button given above to download the Spotify Premium for PC. It may take a few minutes, So be patient!

Spotify Downloading Image

Step 2: Install

Once the downloading procedure is complete, locate this application file in your designated folder. Then, click on it to initiate the installation procedure. Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking on the Next button, and if it asks, allow the required permissions.

Spotify Premium for PC Installation Image

Step 3: Create Your Account

When the installation is complete, click on the app to create an account. If you already have your account, log in with your existing mail or Facebook account.

If you haven’t an account, click on the email button or your preferred login method. Enter your “Name, Email, Gender, Date of Birth, and Language.” Congrats! Your account is ready, and you can enjoy all the premium features.

Spotify Premium Login Image

Final Words

In short, I have guided you through everything about Spotify Premium, its features, subscription plans, and downloading procedures. So, why are you waiting for, download, and enjoy the ultimate universe of music. Please tell me in the comment section if you have any issues or queries. I will try my best to answer you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Spotify premium version allows you unlimited skips, unlimited shuffles, an ad-free experience, and many other features. While on the other hand, the Spotify free version does not offer these features. You’re restricted to 6 skips per hour, and ads often appear while listening to music.

It varies from region to region, but generally, its cost for the student plan is $5.99, for the individual plan is $10.99, for the duo plan is $14.99, and for a family plan is $16.99.

To create any playlist on PC, right-click on a song and click “Add to Playlist.” You can also create your playlist from the library section.

Yes, you can download your songs, playlists, albums, or podcasts and listen to them offline.

Yes, you can follow your friends and make a community of like-minded people. You can also share your thoughts, playlists, or albums with them.

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