Spotify vs Apple Music: Which Music App is better?

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There was a time when if we wanted to listen to any songs, we would search for them on Google, but today, music streaming services have revolutionized the way of music consumption.

When we talk about the best music streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music come to mind without any doubt. Spotify was launched in 2006 and is best at creating curated playlists for its users.

Apple Music launched in 2015, and since then, it has given tough competition to Spotify with its advanced features. Both platforms offer 100 million songs, on-screen lyrics, and the best audio quality. But which music streaming platform is best? This question can arise in your mind when choosing one of them.

In this article, we’ll compare these two platforms in different aspects, which will help you find out the real king of music streaming. So, let’s dig in. Also, Read Spotify vs YouTube Music comparison.



Apple Music

Songs100 Million100 Million
Podcasts5 MillionNot Available
Spatial AudioNot Available YetAvailable
Free VersionAvailableNot Available
Free TrialOne MonthSix Month
Individual Plan$10.99$10.99

Spotify vs Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music both offer a user-friendly interface. Both music streaming services have a wide range of 100 million songs, offering curated playlists based on your activities on the platform.

Both services have their strengths, but certain aspects can help us determine which is better. So, let’s begin the Spotify vs Apple Music detailed comparison:

Spotify vs Apple Music: Music Library

Spotify and Apple Music have a wide range of songs in their library. Both streaming apps offer countless songs, albums and playlists.


Spotify offers 100 million songs of different genres and moods. It has a wide collection of tracks in its music library.

Moreover, Spotify has not limited itself to only songs; it has also added more than 5 million podcasts and 350,000 audiobooks to its collection.

Due to its wide collection and variety of content, Spotify has almost 602 million active subscribers worldwide.

Apple Music

Apple Music also offers 100 million tracks. Apple Music often gets exclusive rights to albums and tracks to provide its users with updated content before anyone else.

Like Spotify, Apple also has 2.6 million podcasts, but they are available on a different platform, Apple Podcast.

These podcasts are smaller in number and available on different platforms. So, if you want to enjoy podcasts and songs on the same platform, then Spotify is better.

Winner: Spotify

Spotify is the winner in this round because you’ll get various content on the same platform using Spotify.

Spotify vs Apple Music: UI and Design

Both platforms deeply focus on improving user experience by making their design and interface user-friendly because a good interface helps make listening to music enjoyable.


Spotify has a dark-themed and boxy grid-like style. It has a black and gray color theme with touches of neon green color, giving you a very modern and aesthetic vibe. Spotify has an easy-to-use navigation system, which makes it easy to find anything on the platform.

It has a navigation bar at the bottom section of mobile apps and on the left side of the screen of desktop apps for quick access. It mainly has three tabs: Home, Library and Search.

At the Home section, you’ll find curated playlists and recently played songs. The Search tab searches songs, artists, albums or playlists of different genres. The Library organizes your playlists and favorites and downloads songs at a specific place in a neat and systematic manner.

Apple Music

Apple Music has a light theme with high-contrast text. Apple Music has a simple and minimalistic design; early on, its design needed to be better to compete with Spotify. However, it redesigned its interface and made many changes to improve the user experience.

Apple Music shows large albums, artworks, and images of artists on its platform to give you an appealing look. It has a Browse tab, where you can find any song or artist from the ocean of music in no time.

The Library section contains all the songs you’ve downloaded, and it is organized well for quick access. It also has a Radio tab that gives you curated radio stations of different genres or artists based on your activities on the platform. The Listen Now section suggests a variety of new songs.

Winner: Spotify

Spotify is the winner in this round. You’ll find it easy to navigate even if you’re new to it.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Pricing and Plans

Both music streaming platforms offer their paid version. Spotify also offers a free version, but Apple Music doesn’t provide this facility. Both platforms offer you the following features in the paid version:

  • Ads Free Music Listening
  • Offline Streaming with download Feature
  • Access to 100 million songs
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Cross Platform Synchronization
PlansSpotifyApple Music
Individual Plan$10.99$10.99
Student Plan$5.99$5.99
Family Plan (For six accounts)$16.99
Duo Plan$14.99N/A


Spotify offers its free version with some limitations and a paid version with advanced features. You can access a wide range of music in the free version of Spotify. However, you can only skip six songs per hour and listen to music at a low audio quality of 160 kbps on the Spotify app and 128 kbps on the web player.

You’ll listen to music in a shuffle mood with some ads that appear while listening to music. But still, if you’re not willing to pay, this option is best for you. Spotify also offers its paid version and one-month free trial on its premium version.

The prices of subscription plans on Spotify are the same as those of Apple Music. However, Spotify gives you more subscription options than Apple Music. It offers you mini-plans and duo plans. Duo plan is very economical for two persons living at the same address.

Apple Music

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music doesn’t offer you any free version. It provides you with a six-month free trial, after which you’ve to pay every month. Apple Music also gives you Spatial Audio quality without any extra cost.

Its paid plan lets you download songs and enjoy an ads-free music listening experience.

Winner: Spotify

In this round, the winner is Spotify because it offers you a free version and more flexible subscription options than Apple Music.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Recommendations and Suggestions

Recommendations and suggestions are very important in introducing new talent. It is very important when you want your streaming app to create a list of songs for you. Both music streaming apps have a recommendation system based on your preferences.


Spotify is famous for its curated playlist creation. It uses algorithms to create personalized playlists for you. It is like having your customized DJ. Spotify knows you better than you and suggests songs for different moods and occasions.

It offers different playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mixes. These curated playlists include songs you listened to and those you might like. Spotify AI DJ uses artificial intelligence to create personalized playlists for you.

Spotify DJ is voiced by Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships. It lets you listen to music the whole day.

Apple Music

Apple Music has a Listen Now tab at the bottom of mobile apps. This tab suggests many songs based on your preferences. It is based on the artist you follow and the songs you listen to. An expert team makes these playlists and suggestions from experts

Apple Music also offers Apple Music 1, which works like a 24/7 live radio station, playing a vital role in introducing new songs. This radio suggests songs all day and lets you enjoy music every time.

Winner: Spotify

Although Apple Music also suggests curated playlists, Spotify’s personalized and AI-powered DJs are unmatchable, so Spotify is the winner.

Spotify vs Apple Music Music: Audio Quality

Good audio quality is like listening to music through a clear lens, where every sound shines brightly and brings joy to your ears. Both music streaming apps offer high audio quality in their premium versions.


In the free version, Spotify offers you a maximum of 160 kbps sound quality in the app version and 126 kbps in the web player version. In its premium version, Spotify offers you five different levels of audio quality in OGG Vorbis audio format which is given:

  • Automatic: It depends upon your internet connection strength.
  • Low: 24kbps
  • Normal: 96kbps
  • High: 160kbps
  • Very High: 320kbps

Apple Music

When it comes to sound quality, Apple Music stands out for its clear and top-notch audio, making your listening experience exceptional. It offers lossless audio quality ranging from 16-bit/44.1khz to 24-bit/192khz using ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) format.

It also offers you Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, which feels like a clear crystal sound. However, there is a drawback that high-resolution sound is not supported on Windows desktops. In 2021, Spotify announced plans to introduce HiFi sound quality, but it has yet to arrive.

Winner: Apple Music

Apple Music won this round because of its lossless audio quality.

Spotify vs Apple Music: iCloud Library


Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t provide you with iCloud library. Using Spotify, you can access songs only within the app itself. However, you can import your files locally, which can be integrated with your music library.

Apple Music

One of the special features of Apple Music is that it lets you access the iCloud Music library without any extra cost. It allows you to access the entire Library of iCloud across all your Apple devices.

You’ve the option to upload your Library to iCloud and stream it directly through your Apple Music app. You can edit and create your playlists and get recommendations from Apple Music. 

Winner: Apple Music

Apple Music is the winner because it allows you to access the iCloud music library.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Compatibility

Device compatibility helps seamless switching across devices without missing a single beat. Both music streaming platforms are compatible with various devices.


Spotify is unmatchable in the case of device compatibility. It is compatible with almost all devices we use in our daily life. Spotify has apps that are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. It also has a web player and a Windows, Linux, and MacOS desktop app. Spotify lite is also available for old devices running on low operating system.

In addition, it is also compatible with smart watches, smart speakers, and even gaming consoles like PS5. It can also be integrated with Apple’s Siri, Alexa and other platforms.

Apple Music

Apple Music is designed especially for the Apple family. It is compatible with all iOS devices, including MacBooks. It is also compatible with smartwatches, Apple CarPlay, Sonos speakers, and gaming consoles.

You can integrate it with Alexa and Siri, allowing you to control music through voice commands. Moreover, it is also accessible for Android and Windows users as well.

If you’re using Apple Devices, you must go for Apple Music, because it allows seamless switching between the Apple devices. However, it is not as good with Android and Windows devices as Spotify.

Winner: Spotify

Spotify is the winner because it is compatible with more devices than Apple Music.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Browser Playback

Browser playback is a very essential part of music streaming. It is very useful when you want to log in to your music streaming platform’s account and access your library on your friend’s computer, but you don’t want to install the music streaming app on your PC.


Spotify has web players that allow you to play music through any browser without installing the app directly. You can access your Library through a web player whether you’re a free or premium user.

On the web player, Spotify offers you sound quality of 126 kbps in the free version and 256 kbps in the premium version.

Apple Music

Apple Music also offers its web player. Initially, Apple Music required to install iTunes to access Apple Music, but now, like Spotify, it has launched its web player. It allows you to stream music, access music libraries, and create playlists from any device through a browser.

It is a great convenience for users who are used to listening to music on the web browser.

Winner: Spotify

Because both music streaming services offer web players, this round has no winner.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Social Features

Social features in music streaming services enhance the experience by connecting you with friends and other users. With these social features, music streaming platforms create an interactive and engaging user environment.


Spotify is a social-friendly app. It allows you to interact with your friends and share your musical thoughts. It creates an environment where like-minded people can share their tracks and make collaborative playlists. It allows you to follow your Facebook friends, make a blend with them and share your tracks.

You can also share what you’re currently listening to through a direct message or any social media platform. You can create Instagram stories and share your tracks through Spotify Codes as well, which can be scanned within the app.

Apple Music

Apple Music allows you to follow your favorite artists and friends and see what they’re listening to in real time. Apple Music gives you an option to share your playlists with other users through Airdrop. In Addition, you can like or comment on songs within the app.

Apple Music provides you less opportunities for interaction with other users than Spotify. It doesn’t allow you to make collaborative playlists or make a blend with your friends. Its social media integration features are less advanced than those of Spotify.

Winner: Spotify

In terms of social features, the winner is none other than Spotify.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Additional Features

Additional features are like sprinkles on ice cream, making your musical journey more delightful. Besides the basic features, music streaming services offer additional features that help enhance user experience.


Spotify offers a wide range of additional features like equalizer, which helps you adjust your sound frequency according to your preferences. Spotify also provides automatic, gapless and crossfade features, eliminating annoying gaps between the two tracks.

Spotify allows you to download songs. It offers a lyrics option that helps you sing your favorite song. Spotify also recommends upcoming concerts based on your listening history and location.

This feature lets you discover your favorite artists’ upcoming live events and concerts. This platform offers a sleep timer feature which stops music after a specific duration.

Apple Music

Apple Music provides access to video content of different genres and artists. Like Spotify, it also lets you see the lyrics of a particular song and sing along. Apple Music allows artists to directly share behind-the-scenes and exclusive updates and content with their fans.

Apple Music lets you download up to 100,000 songs for offline listening. Apple Music also offers you Apple Music Replay, which shows a summary of your activities on the platform for the past year.

Winner: Spotify

As you can see, Spotify provides more features than Apple Music. Spotify leads the rounds for additional features. 


In conclusion, after thoroughly discussing Spotify vs Apple Music, It is clear that Spotify is the overall winner. Spotify offers a wide variety of content, more flexible subscription options, and greater compatibility and integration with other devices. In addition, it also provides a free version with some limitations.

In comparison, Apple Music has an edge over Spotify, providing lossless and spatial audio quality and seamlessly synchronizing across different devices. Therefore, if you want to enjoy music in high audio quality and use iOS devices then go with Apple Music. However, for most users, Spotify is the best choice because of its comprehensive features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

It depends upon your personal preferences and priorities. Apple Music is the best option if you prioritize high audio quality in music streaming. However, If you like a social-friendly app with more variety of content, Spotify might be a better choice for you.

No, Apple Music doesn’t offer its free version. However, it offers a six-month free trial on its paid version. So, if you need clarification about the service, you can avail yourself of a free trial, which will help you decide.

There is not so much difference in the prices of both platforms. Spotify and Apple Music offer individual plans at the cost of $10.99. Both offer discounted prices of $5.99 to students. However, Spotify gives you a duo plan for $15, which is very economical for two partners.

Yes, Apple Music allows you to download up to 100,00 tracks, playlists or albums and listen to them offline.

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